Friday, April 12, 2013

Josh and Alissa ~ Wedding Photos Sneak Peek!

Posted with consent of the couple.
Last Saturday, I had so much fun photographing the wedding of this beautiful couple. Enjoy the photos! More are coming soon...

As soon as I saw this underground tunnel, I knew I had to get a picture inside it! By putting my camera on a tripod, I could slow down my shutter speed to pick up some of the ambient light (tunnels are dark by nature!). Then I gave one of my wonderful assistants a flash and had them position it behind my subjects to rim-light them. Viola!

Who would ever guess that the bride and groom are standing in front of a parking lot chock full of cars? No matter where you are, it's possible to get great images for your clients. I wanted a gorgeous outdoors shot with the church - or a hint of it! (Don't always show the whole thing! It's often a more exciting picture if you leave something to the imagination.)
As family and friends of Josh and Alissa, if you would like to purchase a print of any of these images or ones to come, click here to send me a quick message, and I'll email you a photo prints price list right away.

 ~ Alissa and her lovely sisters ~

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Talk to you soon!
Love, Laura Christine


  1. Whoa, you know the D family? That's awesome!
    Great work on the photography!
    {PS) did you know that I got a Canon Rebel EOS t4i? Yah, I reaaaaaaally excited! =D

  2. Yes! You do too?!!! Wow. I didn't know that!
    I'm super excited for you!!! New cameras are the best! There are always so many new features to explore... You'll have to let me know how you're doing!
    Technology progresses amazingly fast!
    ~ Laura Christine